The Mevlana Rumi Mosque & Dialogue Centre

The Mevlana Rumi Mosque & Dialogue Centre has supported the Dialogue Society in the Friday Sermons project.

The Centre was founded by the Anatolian Muslims Society – a registered charity established in 2004 by British Muslims of Turkish background.

The Rumi Centre was named in honour of the thirteenth century Anatolian Sufi master Mevlana Rumi, in an attempt to reinvigorate his Islamic teachings of love, empathy, and engagement.

Thanks to major restoration beginning in 2008 the premises in Edmonton, London now comprise:

  • An Ottoman style Mosque with capacity of approximately 300 people
  • Modern ablution facilities
  • A meeting room for up to 70 people
  • 4 classrooms
  • 3 offices and guest rooms

As a well-attended mosque, the Centre addresses the urgent need for quality services and education of the British Muslim community in London. In addition, the Centre is intended to promote intercultural dialogue, greater understanding and community cohesion in the United Kingdom. It is consequently intended to be a resource for the whole community, non-Muslims as well as Muslims.

Past activities have included:

  • Celebrations of religious festivals;
  • Large scale circulation of Noah’s Puddings to our friends and neighbours to celebrate Ashura;
  • Fast breaking dinners;
  • Numerous appeals including qurbani, Tsunami and the earthquake in Pakistan;
  • Establishing and maintaining places of worship and other related institutions, such as weekend schools, to further the provision of sound education and teaching about Islam.
  • Please see the Mevlana Rumi Mosque and Dialogue Centre website for further information: